SpamCheetah Antispam LiveCD

Stop spam dead in its tracks!

What is SpamCheetah?

SpamCheetah is a product of Gayatri Hitech and it is a network level spam filter/Antispam software based on

It is also a LiveCD and you can run this on any X86 class machine or choose from any of the supported platforms that run OpenBSD. Detailed instructions for creating your own LiveCD are here.

The technology is explained here.

Also watch these Youtube videos to get to know more about this product. OpenBSD tarpit and SpamCheetah's web interface.

Please note that the web interface will work best with Mozilla Firefox. It does not work with IE and it works with Opera and Chrome also. But Firefox is preferred since it is there on all OSes.

Support available here.


 $ cvs login 
(Press enter)

 $ cvs -z3  co -P ramdisksrc

Instructions for building your own ISO here.


There is a testimony from a major mail centric company. They have been using SpamCheetah for more than 18 months now. There are also technical and non technical questions answered.

Explanation of how SpamCheetah is different from stock OpenBSD and how OpenBSD greylisting works internally in SpamCheetah is explained.

Download prebuilt ISO image for X86 class machines

Please choose the download format Version Size SHA1 Checksum
SpamCheetah-opensource-16.iso.7z 1.6 103824640 Bytes a638d991784c40e34b78dac12b98cb41967279e5
SpamCheetah-opensource-16.iso 1.6 694218752 Bytes 0d475620f83afe3ef6e74bd8a7c659b641999725
SpamCheetah-opensource-16.iso.gz 1.6 236511187 Bytes 56025b16e258efc83a2198ba38c7820fd1fd6a93 1.6 236511329 Bytes b777a1c4f19eec6758c8a1a41e4909d74f43fd3e

The ISO detached OpenPGP signature can help you check the integrity of download and detect tampering. Instructions here if you wish to know how to verify signatures. My public key ID is 48E0DA0A.

You can also download from our company's website.

Be sure to read the instructions on installing SpamCheetah in your network. Have fun!

Please note that this LiveCD consumes very little CPU and memory. You can run it off any low end machine. You also have instructions for SpamCheetah on a stick here. If you require a CF image or a liveUSB image, please contact support.